NYC - I Have A Camera but Don’t Know How to Use It - June 2019


NYC - I Have A Camera but Don’t Know How to Use It - June 2019

  • Is your fancy DSLR still set to “Auto”?

  • Do you wish someone would show YOU how to take incredible photographs?

  • Is a complicated camera standing in your way of unleashing your creative side?

I Have A Camera but Don’t Know How to Use It is for the beginner-level photographer. This 8-hour bootcamp will make you a better photographer in one day. Maybe you know a bit of composition or a bit of exposure or a bit of posing but you are lacking in other areas. You will learn the rules of photography and how best to use your camera - as well as lighting tips, exposure compensation, color balance and composition.

This bootcamp will meet in the photo studio, then head out to practice on the New York City streets. We stop for a quick lunch and then finish up with a critique of the photos we all shot.

It includes, lectures, demos, critiques and a whole lot of hands-on shootings.


  • How to calculate Basic Daylight Exposure

  • How to use the light meter to your advantage

  • How to shoot in low light

  • How to shoot in manual mode

  • What is aperture and how to use it to your advantage

  • What is Bokeh and when it is necessary

  • What is the correct shutter speed for what you are shooting

  • What is the best time to photograph

  • What is color balance and color temperature

  • What’s the best lens for your style

  • How to use composition to your advantage

  • What is ISO and how to use it to your advantage

What to bring:

  • Photography knowledge: no prior knowledge of photography is necessary.

  • Camera: If you have more than one It should be a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

  • Lens: If you only have one then just bring one. If you have a zoom and a fixed, bring both.

  • Memory cards and card reader: please bring the appropriate cards for your camera. A 64GB card should be enough for our shoot.

  • Tripod: there is no need to bring one.

  • A good attitude: you are all here to learn. Please be coachable. I want you to be a better version of your photographic self.

Level: Beginner

Price: The 8-hour bootcamp is 250 USD per person. Payment is due in full when signing up. Lunch is included.

Date and Schedule: TBD for June 2019 from 9am until 5pm. 

Limit: 12 participant max. capacity is the limit for the bootcamp. A smaller more intimate setting is better for maximizing learning potential.


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