Photo of Eulalie Martine Boumlag

Photo of Eulalie Martine Boumlag

All-out Lighting

Are your dream clients out of reach because your lighting is flat and boring?
Do you wish someone would show YOU how to master your lighting game?

Sponsored by Broncolor and led by award-winning photographer, Eric Garcia-March, at the Hasselblad NY Experience Studio, All-out Lighting is a two-day bootcamp that teaches the ins-and-outs of lighting in all conditions. Day 1 is studio lighting and Day 2 is natural light. There will be a limited number of X and H series Hasselblad cameras on hand for you to use during the workshop. Whether shooting fashion, portraiture or fine-art photography, all lighting conditions will be covered in just two days! This bootcamp consists of lectures, demos, black and white image processing, working with a wardrobe stylist, makeup artists, hair stylists, as well as a mini portfolio review by creative director, Glenn Batkin, and a whole lot of hands-on shooting and experience shooting models and actors.

Photo Model Walk

Is your portfolio lacking beautiful models?
Do you wish you could show up with your camera and go home with new photos?
Do you need more social media content on your Instagram?

Led by award winning photographer, Eric Garcia-March, Photo Model Walk is a two-hour opportunity for you to shoot two different models on the streets of New York City. If you are a fashion shooter or would like to be, this is a perfect chance to shoot some professional models over the weekend. Hair and makeup, as well as styling will be provided. They will have extra clothes with them for different looks. A whole lot of shooting with models on the streets of New York City or on the sands of Miami Beach is what this bootcamp is all about!

I Have A Camera but Don’t Know How to Use It

Is your fancy DSLR still set to “Auto”?
Do you wish someone would show YOU how to take incredible photographs?
Is a complicated camera standing in your way of unleashing your creative side?

Led by award winning photographer, Eric Garcia-March, I Have A Camera but I Don’t Know How to Use It is for a beginner level photographer. This 8-hour bootcamp will make you a better photographer in one day. Maybe you know a bit of composition or a bit of exposure or a bit of posing but you are lacking in other areas. You will learn the rules of photography and how best to use your camera - as well as lighting tips, exposure compensation, color balance and composition.

This bootcamp will meet in the photo studio, then head out to practice on the New York City streets. We stop for a quick lunch and then finish up with a critique of the photos we all shot.
It includes, lectures, demos, critiques and a whole lot of hands-on shootings.